Anthem Crafting Material Location Guide

Crafting materials come in different shapes and sizes. Some materials are used for crafting different weapons and items from blueprints. Others are required to purchase special items. Whatever your goal in Anthem, you’re going to need many of the different crafting materials and you’re going to need a lot.

Anthem Crafting Material Location Guide

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Most Crafting Materials in Anthem can be obtained in obvious ways. Treasure chests, finding resources in Bastion, rewards. However, there’s also another guaranteed way of obtaining special crafting materials. You can buy them for Coins earned through game activities. There are two main shops. The initial shop is opened at level 2 and sells common to rare materials, another specialist shop FUNKO POP DOCTOR WHO ELEVENTH DOCTOR BGVTOYS.COM EXCLUSIVE, becomes available when you unlock the Regulator Store (Arcanist Loyalty Level 2), allowing you to buy Epic level crafting materials. Below is a quick list of what you can buy with both shops unlocked.

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  • Chimeric Compound, Chimeric Alloy
  • Storm, Ranger, Interceptor, Colossus Parts
  • Uncommon, Rare, Epic & Masterwork Embers
  • Weapon Parts
Chimeric Alloy is one of the most common crafting materials in Anthem. It is used to craft many different weapons, items and Javelin upgrades. The fastest way to obtain Chimeric Alloy and Chimeric Compound is to enter Free Play mode and explore Bastion, looking for rocks, minerals and vegetation that you can destroy or harvest for materials.
Weapon Parts are used exclusively to create weapons. You can often find them in treasure chests and random loot drops but the fastest method of obtaining Weapon Parts is to simply Salvage weapons you find. Nearly every weapon you Salvage will give you Weapon parts.
equipment for that Javelin. Salvaging that equipment returns parts for that specific Javelin.
The easiest way to obtain the Uncommon, Rare, Epic and Masterwork Ember items is through purchasing them through the Regulator Store. You can also find Embers in treasure chests and rarely on plants. You can also Scavenge items to receive Embers.

Uncommon Ember – Salvage Uncommon Equipment
Rare Ember – Salvage Rare Equipment
Epic Ember – Salvage Epic Equipment
Masterwork Ember – Salvage Masterwork Equipment

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You can also obtain a lot of Embers from Freeplay. The best way to receive them there is to complete World Events. Almost every event drops at least one Ember, depending on difficulty.

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